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    PokTech RP, is an individual section under Poktech Limited which dedicated to rapid prototyping business.

    Wide ranges of materials including Magnesium alloy, Aluminum, engineer grade plastics, etc are available. Fine details and accuracy are our aim and strength.......(We are a leading prototyping company in China)

    We have strong and loyal technical team in our factory. They are our core as we know the importance of quality.

    We have well knowledge in various types of machining and processing control. (We always consider and plan the manufacturing process in advance to......(Prototype China or China Prototyping with Hong Kong managerment is trend nowaday, we not just can provide low cost services, but also stable and high quality Prototype / Prototyping

    PokTech RP Division, are dedicated to provide wide range and superior prototype services such as CNC, SLA, CAD CAM, 3D Scanning, Small Batch and some Additional services such as Sheet Metal Forming and Investment Casting, etc. Our all-round services will help you complete your tasks in most effective ways and reduce your troubles in controlling ......(We have confidence you must satisfy our prototyping services.

    The PokTech RP Division is a dedicated and leading prototyping business based in China. Aimed at novelty in technical productions and implementation of various prototype processes, we provide our customers the quality services with stability and precision throughout the process.

    Explaining prototype

    A prototype is a rudimentary working model of a product or information system, usually built for demonstration purposes and development processes. Pertaining to hardware design, a prototype is a handmade model that represents a manufactured product sufficiently for designers to visualize and test the design. In short, a prototype is a representative example of a given category.

    We have a broad range of manufacturing processes in our store like CNC, SLA, SLS, surface treatments and many more. Let’s discuss a few of them.

    CNC Prototype: The CNC Prototype or the CNC Metal is a procedure to machine the various segments from the cut out materials, also known as the block material and keep on the attribute you wish to keep and are in need of. CNC parts and prototypes are ideal for situations where production materials are required. These are ideal when the part is subjected to demanding functional tests, or the physical size of the parts that make other prototyping methods cost prohibitive. The repeatability, accuracy and speed of our CNC machines make them an excellent choice for manufacturing functional prototypes and production parts. CNC machining is the next step from prototype to production. They find the best application in equipment of Medical and Healthcare, Electronics; Packaging, Connectors, Homeland Security, Military Hardware, Design Appearance Models, Proof of Concept Prototypes, Design Evaluation Models (Form & Fit), Engineering Proving Models (Design Verification), Wind-Tunnel Test Models.

    We offer the following CNC equipment in various models for the prototyping process:

    ? Hon QUEN XQCNC – 1280 – With specification of 800 x 640 x 200 mm
    ? Everwin 3L 1000 – With specification of 440 x 380 x 150 mm
    ? BEJINFI DC-300C – with specification of 1000 x 600 x 250 mm

    SLA Prototype: The technology used in the SLA prototype is quite analogous to the technology used in the SLS prototype, with the difference in the raw materials, where the material of SLA is liquid whereas in SLS it is PA (Nylon). The versatile rapid prototyping technology of SLA involves turning a three-dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing into a solid object through the rapid, repeated solidification of liquid resin. SLA prototypes typically have a cosmetically superior finish with high tolerance of about +/- 0.005″ (0.127mm). They find their usual applications in Aesthetic models, Form/fit models, Presentation models, Clear models and Casting molds.

    The SLA model 3D System VIPER si 2 is available with specifications of 380 x 300 x 330.

    Vacuum casting: Various types of codes of the PU materials are on hand in the process of vacuum casting with the help of which different types of mechanical features of POM, ABS, PC and many more can be attained easily. This approach delivers economic benefits for small batches of parts, and of course the castings produced can be in the required colour, and carry the desired surface finish like gloss, matt etc. direct from the tool without the need for post finishing operations. The process of vacuum casting is the perfect choice to support market research, exhibitions, photography for advertising and packaging, and marketing as it can deliver production injection moulded like components. The following models are available at our store for vacuum casting:

    ? HNH P2 with specification OF 1000 X 800 X 650
    ? HNH P2 – With specification of 800 x 600 500
    ? HNH ST -1 – with specification of 250 x 250 x 200

    Lathe: Poktech offers wide range of horizontal lathes in a variety of bore sizes, bed lengths and optional features. This variety allows us to create custom lathe solutions capable of meeting any production need. The thermo-friendly design enables the ability to hold tight tolerances and eliminates the need for separate finishing or grinding operations. Our CNC lathe is great for heavy-duty cutting of large cylindrical parts. The live tooling option easily adds in slots, grooves and other complex features.

    Chink Wink CK6136 with specification of 850 x 600 x 440 is available with premium quality and durability.

    Sheet metal forming in prototyping: We offer extremely advanced metal punching, contouring, and forming and full postprocessor generation capabilities to integrate seamlessly with all CNC machine tools. The process generates flat patterns quickly, accurately, and optimizes to reduce costs. It speeds up the design of sheet metal parts with complex flanges using intelligent 3D models. It enables quick insertion of specialized sheet metal fasteners into sheet metal designs. The technology powering these production processes ensures that we are able to easily adapt to needs and specifications unique to your industry.

    We have the acumen in various types of machining and processing control to ensure products are of good quality and will not fail at the last minute. Our team has designed and developed many equipment and fixtures for our processes to be stable and have best results. The technical team working at our company is quite strong and loyal towards the organization. We give a lot of importance to them as the quality is our foremost value.

    These industrial tools represent the commitment that we have for providing the best tool for the job. The entire set of services consist of dimension measurements, inspection check list, functional and pre-assembly test and analysis, technical advice feedback, drop test and so on. We perform all these to ensure that the parts that leave from our factory are all in good state and quality. We make sure to deliver all our prototype products right on time, on the right budget in order to review. These points make us stand out from the crowd of the other companies offering rapid prototyping service.

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